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The Mastheads relies on private gifts, grants, sponsors, and in-kind support from people like you to make this work possible. If you'd like to help, please be in touch by writing to info@themastheads.org.

Thank you to our institutional partners

The National Endowment for the Arts

The Feigenbaum Foundation

The Fitzpatrick Family Trust

Mass Development

Mass Cultural Council



And generous support from the community

Joan and James M. Hunter

David L. & Marita O'Dea Glodt

The Berkshire Eagle

Mary Ting Hyatt & Wilbur Hyatt

Mary Ann & Bruno A. Quinson

Annie Selke Companies

Guido's Fresh Marketplace

Hotel on North

Village Truck Sales

WordXWord Festival


Ellen Kennedy

Jennie Kassanoff

Allen Harris

Peter Bergman

Jane & Peter Smith

Mary Tyer Kelly

Michael Zaccaro

Sean Hayes

Rosemary Starace

Mark Brodeur

Mike Bloomberg

Henry SMith

Waterfall Perry

Robert Kelly

Nick Jandl


Malcolm Wyer

Linda & Steve Crowe

Ellen & Tom Ennis

Francine Weinberg

Haley Allen

Olivia Georgia

John Capizzi & Glenn Riddell

Nicholas Russo

Jeffrey Turner

Vivian Hsu

Sarah Trudgeon

Tessa Kelly

Stacy and Eric Cochran

Yuki Cohen

Alice & George Wislocki

Jen Glockner

Dafna Alseh

Alex Olv


Berkshire Bank Foundation

The John M. & Katherine M. Morris Foundation

Pittsfield WalMart

Cultural Resources Foundation

Karen & James Parkinson

Andrew & Susan Kelly

Mass Audubon Canoe Meadows 

Berkshire Historical Society

Berkshire Athenaeum


Shakespeare & Company

Ellen K. Masters

Joe & Kathryn Gaska

Reba H. Evenchik

Robert A. & Karen S. Youdelman

Carol C. & Sherwood Guernsey II

Paula Thier

Karen Rich Thurston

Susan Curtin

William J. & Shiela B. Irvin

Catherine & Matthew Chester

Hallie Davison

Mick Callahan

Audrey Thier

Amanda Bell

Sue Wells

Regino Burgio

Chris Parkinson

Jane Shiyah

Al Maiorino

Joanie Palano Ciolfi

Audrey Rich

Elie Hammerling

Gabi Ingersoll

Megan Whilden

Al & Kathleen Jaffe

Stephanie Thier

Maggie Roth

Courtney Tunis

Eliza Valk

Andrew Benner

Michelle Komie

Carol Brower

Joshua Bartlett

Ryan Tainter